Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gemstones and their healing properties

Coming from a richly superstitious heritage, I often heard the elders say "wear this, it's for luck" -- "wear that, think clearer" -- "wear it! make money!"

Now as I pick my beads and make jewelry, I wonder if what they said were true. I did a little digging on the internet and found a gazillion of info regarding gemstones and their meanings and healing properties. Whether or not these are actually valid, I think, would depend on the person, their own personal beliefs and culture.

Some of the stones I've used include the following, along with their properties:

Jade - for luck, peace (groovy!), prosperity.
See: Jaded bracelet

Amazonite - calming effect, relieves grief and sadness
See: Caprice bracelet, Cassie bracelet

Carnelian - for self-esteem, gives mental boost
See: Lindsay earrings

Aventurine - mental and emotional healing
See: Gizelle necklace (red aventurine), Felicity bracelet (lt green aventurine), Orange Crush bracelet and earrings (red aventurine)

I love to use semiprecious gemstones, for a complete listing, visit my etsy shop:

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