Saturday, November 19, 2011

NiceGirlNote's CSS Fun!

If you've never been a part of one, you've missed out! Tons of incredible items were put up for sale at crazy low prices by awesome crafters, brought to you by Roo of NiceGirlNotes

Sale is over but I still have these items up for grabs! If you want them, let me know! Leave a comment or email me at

Deirdre Necklace in purple, Original price, $31.00. Special price of $23.25, 3 available!

Amethyst Purple Rain Earrings, Original price, $16.00. Special price of $12.00, 1 left!

Rock Necklace, Original price, $17. Special price, $12.75. 3 Available!

A Rose is a Rose ring in butter yellow, Original price, $13.50. Special price, $10.00, 1 left!

MiMi Earrings, Original price, $14.00. Special price, $10.50. 2 left!

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