Friday, October 8, 2010

My Creative Process -- if there's such a thing!

Every night is a routine for us here at home. It has to be this way or my nights will be chaotic! So last night, dinner was done, kids were bathed and ready for bed, kitchen was cleaned (and closed), house was tidy once more, and I had my coffee, my movie (New Moon -- hoping to get inspired by unrequited love) and my beads--ready for a few hours of jewelry-making... then here comes my little boy, who's 5 by the way.. creeping up to me in my office and says "Mom, what was that song that Ernie sings about rubber duckie?" And nostalgia hits me full blast! I remember that song--what kid, who has ever watched Sesame Street, would not know Ernie's infatuation (although with my grown up eyes is rather disturbing) with his rubber duckie?

I didn't get to capture Kaleb as he watched Ernie on YouTube, but here's a clip of him as he sang and danced (jumped and flapped his arms) to Elmo's Alphabet rap.

After his rather lengthy performance (5 times he sang and danced to Elmo's rap, and 3x he sang along with Ernie's rubber duckie tribute), it was already passed bedtime and my coffee was cold, but oh, I was happy...

I did manage to make a few pieces last night afterwards. I still need to take measurements, pictures and list them on Etsy, but you get to see a couple here, first!

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